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Q. Why honey comb appears in Concrete and what is the best solution to
Avoid it.

Ans. There are number of reasons of appearing honey comb, it can be improper water ratio, improper mixing & substandard labour. Suitable Solution is to use Prastisizer & Vibrator with proper water cement ratio to avoid honey comb.

Q. Is Bitumen membrane a proper solution for Water Proofing?

Ans. Bitumen membrane is one of the solutions of Water Proofing but in this modern age there are number better solutions than Bitumen membrane like C0-polymer liquid, joint free membrane & many more.

Q. Can S.B.R. be used as Water Proofing chemical?

Ans. S.B.R. is a multi purpose compound, it can be use as bonding agent, as plastisizer as, water-proofing agent as well as concrete admixture etc.

Q. What chemical do we use to increase the strength of concrete?

Ans. As research is going so advance no one can say this product is the best one for improving concrete strength. Noorani & Co always tries to introduce best available chemicals for construction industry. At present ……………is the best strength improving chemical.

Q. Why does cracks develop in concrete and what is the best solution for it?

Ans. Cracks always appears due to soil settlement, Thermal movement or weak structure BUT in any case cracks cannot be removed. They can only be concealed with suitable flexible chemicals such as Elasto-Lastic EP-416.

Q. Why accelerator to be used in concrete and what is the advantage of it.

Ans. Accelerator can save your time in removing shuttering & can provide you the required strength in lesser time, but experienced consultants never recommend accelerator for foundation due to many reasons.

Q. What is the best solution for expansion joint?

Ans. Through expansion joints can be filled/sealed with many flexible chemicals, but the best recommended product is polysulphide.